Every man is his own worst enemy.I think so.My high school like army.I was scolded by teacher many times because I was backward student.After I entered university,teacher became not to scold to me.So,I had to scold me by myself.

When I needed give a jolt to me,I often watched school wars.But,school wars is TV drama.So,I watch The Japan Self-Defence Forces movie.The member of SDF are cool,and instructor is strict for them.I always I have to work so hard when I watch SDF's advertise.There is a event at neighbor SDF base next week.I want to go there.


Although I have my desktop computer,I do not use it because network setting is bit difficult for me to use for Web server.But not use is not good.At first I installed CentOS 7,although it is difficult to operate as root mode.I want to install opensuse,but there are not enough Japanese information and material in Japan.In addition it is not popular in Japan.Hmm... Let's use Ubuntu.


I met my friends on saturday.They  are strugging at work.My sister took exam for nurse yesterday.The exam was most difficult in the past.She may not pass it.

Study about world news

I watch world news,although I don't know backrop about the news.For example,gaza district,IS,and syrian cyvil war.I can understand the fact by the news,but it is not interesting to watch the news as it now.So,I borrowed some books which are written by Akira Ikegami at municipial libraly.



I went to GEO.I borrowed TED and truth.GEO is having a discount sale. Every new movie is 50 % off.I am lucky.


I am getting and lost my bearing.I happened to think that there are some people who are able to speak Japanese fluency in Australia.They said that "I have never been to Japan." Why can you speak Japanese?That's because they are so interested in Japanese culture.They are not only interested in Japanese language.And,they don't fear speaking.

I cannot speak English well,though I have been to Australia.The reason is clear.That's because I am not interested in conversation and English movie and English songs.The qualification that want to take is TOEIC. I am interested in Japanese anime and comic,and my character is shy.In conclusion,I was not interested in studying English.

Basic's study English is using same material again and again,and challenge speaking.