It is interesting to watch world news.・i24 NEWS ・NBC NEWS ・Al jazeera ・NHK NEWS ・BBC NEWS ・SKY NEWS


Every man is his own worst enemy.I think so.My high school like army.I was scolded by teacher many times because I was backward student.After I entered university,teacher became not to scold to me.So,I had to scold me by myself.When I need…




Although I have my desktop computer,I do not use it because network setting is bit difficult for me to use for Web server.But not use is not good.At first I installed CentOS 7,although it is difficult to operate as root mode.I want to inst…


I met my friends on saturday.They are strugging at work.My sister took exam for nurse yesterday.The exam was most difficult in the past.She may not pass it.

Study about world news

I watch world news,although I don't know backrop about the news.For example,gaza district,IS,and syrian cyvil war.I can understand the fact by the news,but it is not interesting to watch the news as it now.So,I borrowed some books which ar…


I went to GEO.I borrowed TED and truth.GEO is having a discount sale. Every new movie is 50 % off.I am lucky.


I am getting and lost my bearing.I happened to think that there are some people who are able to speak Japanese fluency in Australia.They said that "I have never been to Japan." Why can you speak Japanese?That's because they are so interest…


Fight!! く(`・ω・´)


Listen Speak repeat ....

It seems that listening tend to remember better than I write. In addition doing it over and over again is a good . That's why it is easier to see news programs than newspapers in memory. I can listen repeatedly to synthesized speech and my…


I subscribe to the electronic version of Sankei Shimbun. I used to read paper newspaper before. However, the paper Sankei Shimbun will be the article two days ago. Because the Sankei newspaper in western Japan is printed in Osaka. For this…


Today I got up early in the morning, I went to bed again. I am studying English, so I would like to touch overseas media as much as possible. At such a time, I thought.There is AFN in Japan. I listened to this. It was good as BGM .



Cheap Casio

Today I bought a cheap Casio. Cheap Casio is a cheap Casio watch. It seems that it was introduced to the television a while ago. I thought that I would sell it to neighbor's hardware center, but it not sell it, so I went to downtown and bo…



Japanese Anime

When I read English all the time, I will want to see Japanese animation very much. So, I lost my greed and saw a dirty pair, but I felt that English listening ability fell slightly. I am studying from morning till night, but it is meaningl…


Today's morning, I saw the BBC news and I was able to hear the words. The results of the efforts came out. *bookmark

Exclude Japanese

Excluding Japanese,it's difficult because native language is Japanese and live in Japan.In addition to read English article only,it became to be too tired. It is a good thing that the information in Japanese is substantial,too.Out country …


RANMA is good material for me.

BBC News opening is so nice

I watch BBC news and countdown when I do not want to study English.It is so nice. *bookmark


My custom is buying newspaper at convenience store in the morning because I do not subscribe newspaper.I read Yomiuri shinbun or Nikkei Shinbun.These newspaper treat a lot of world news.I am not interested in national news. Recently I star…

Time beat

good screen saver . *bookmark

Not convenient

I went to convinience store to buy Japan Times,but almost store does not sell Japan Times.So it took long time to buy Japan Times. *bookmark 実録レンジャー訓練 ~RANGER~ - YouTube…


I do not draw comic.Drawing comic was my hobby,but it is not my hobby now.My strengths is patient,so I decided to study English hard.Although we can get any information in the world,we know only information which is distributed by Japanese…


Recently,my parents often said that "Why do not you go to the anywhere?".I think travelling is easy after become office worker,but it will be difficult to study after so.So I will study when I have enough time.Although my thinking is so on…


Today I got up early.I did it to get up,but it took long time.So,I failed.Because I did not enough energy.It is terror for me that so sleepy in the morning.Recently,I sleep long time to treat this symptom.But,my symptom does not go away.I …


These days I use laptop computer as desktop computer.A laptop computer and display are connected with DVI and operated with wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. That is all there is to it!I went to drink with some clerks at home electroni…


There are various people.When doing Internet,there are some kind of kind sites.How to borrow money,how to job hunting,how to study and so on.But it turns out,the site which earn introduction money or information business website. NAVER MAT…