There are various people.When doing Internet,there are some kind of kind sites.How to borrow money,how to job hunting,how to study and so on.But it turns out,the site which earn introduction money or information business website. NAVER MATOME(curating site)is similar website.This site's article uses others twitter.It is not good.

I don't care about that sort of thing anymore.Recently I thought that no matter how much read English,I felt that make sense unless I used it.I felt it when I was doing English conversation online.The words when I am talking are those I remember for a long time unexpectedly.English words can remember when I use.They cannot remember only reading.When I was studying Chinese at university,the teacher said that "Write diary in English.You can remember Chinese words well."Unfortunately I did not so.Even though I stayed abroad for a long time,I cannot speak well.If I talked more with more guts.I could talk well.I regretted to buy many self-help books.

BBC said that "Trump suspends US refugee programme and bans Syrians indefinitely".But New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was "profoundly saddened" and the president had sent "a shamefully different message" than the country's founding beliefs.State has strong authority.Some states are sanctuary states.These states allow to live undocumented immigrants.So even though Trump said that bun live undocumented immigrants,all states do not heve to follow his order.I am interested in these news. I would like to explore future trends.